Why Mindfulness Matters

So how can people break free of the negativity cycle and find a more lasting path to happiness? The answer, as you might have already guessed, is mindfulness. As the Pearlmutters put it, "Your day is filled with opportunities to bring the brain's functions into balance." Maintaining a mindfulness practice is the key to finding this balance.

But what does mindfulness actually mean? Simply put, it's a way of paying attention to what's around you, staying attuned to your bodily sensations and being present in the moment. It sounds so simple, but there's a growing body of scientific evidence showing that taking the time to practice mindfulness has a powerful impact on the health of both your body and mind.

Throughout "Brain Wash," the Pearlmutters present a powerful body of evidence of the ways mindfulness can impact you throughout the day, leading to a healthier brain and a more positive experience of life. As the Pearlmutters put it, "Mindfulness techniques can give you a way to consciously regain control over your thoughts, allowing you to rewire your brain for mental balance and happiness, creating connections where they matter most and giving you the tools needed to deal with the stressors of modern life."

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