My name is Sura Khudairi and I am the founder of SURTURBAN. 

My biggest inspiration for starting Surturbans is my older sister Uns. My sister's cancer journey has taught me to live moment by moment.

When she was undergoing chemo and on high dosage steroid and loosing her her, she was on the search for a unique headcover and was unable to find exactly what I was looking for, I decided to make her my own. The need for practicality and convenience helped me deconstruct and designing my turbans. SURTURBAN is for all women; It is a fashion accessory which celebrates femininity and unites all beyond borders.

After my sister last relapsed, she reminded me to find laughter in every day because nobody knows what tomorrow holds. We laughed all the way to the hospital. She has becomes used to having her life flipped upside down in a matter of seconds. 

She continues to be my inspiration and every Surturban is made in her honor and constructed by her courage. 

Today, my sister is here and able to actively participate in life. While it is easy to wonder if each event, holiday or birthday will be the last, living as if time is not promised should occur with or without cancer because nobody has a guarantee of tomorrow. Life is short and living moment by moment is essential. That's what I strive foo build the Surturban brand from; her life.

At surturban, our mission is to create a world where everyone feels comfortable and confident. We strive to blend comfort, innovation, sustainability, and style. 

My sister continuous to be the most positive person in my life and I am truly grateful for her.  


❤️, Sura