Why Does My Hair and Scalp Hurt?

What's the deal with hair and scalp pain? According to doctors, the reason your hair may feel like it's hurting can be due to inflammation in the scalp that's brought about by several common causes like styling or poor washing habits. Thankfully, there are several easy solutions to remedy the aching, including avoiding tight hairstyles, washing your hair more often and stimulating your scalp.

7 Common Causes of Scalp and Hair Pain and What to Do About Them

Hair and scalp pain are caused by several different factors, each with its own solution. Keep reading to learn the possible reasons behind your scalp tenderness and what you can do to remedy it.

  • When Your Hair Is Dirty
  • When You Keep the Same Hairstyle for a Long Time
  • When You're Prone To Migraines
  • When You Wear Tightly Pulled Back Hairstyles
  • When You Use Too Many Products
  • When You Wash Your Hair Too Often
  • When You Have a Bacterial or Fungal Overgrowth

So Can My Hair Really Hurt?

There you have it, the most common reasons your hair can feel like it's hurting. But it's not that your hair hurts. Instead, the pain is coming from your scalp. If your scalp pain persists after trying the above remedies or if you have a more serious scalp condition, the best course of action is to consult your doctor to help you get it resolved.


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