The Right Way to Sleep With Wet Hair

If you just can't resist getting your nightly shut-eye before your hair is completely dry, here are a few ideas that might help ward off excess damage.

  • Avoid sleeping with sopping wet hair. It's a bad idea for anyone to sleep with really wet hair. If it's so wet the pillow gets super damp, then you risk dandruff and other fungal issues.
  • Pick your towel wisely try Surturab Towel Wrap Turban . Crank said, "If you really can't dry your hair before hitting the hay, then a microfiber towel is a better option than a regular bath towel — it won't create as much friction, which can lead to damage."
  • Change your shower time. "If you have to wash your hair before bed, then do it as early as possible to give it time to air dry," Crank advised. "Remember sleeping with damp hair as a one-off is fine, but if it's a long-term habit, you could run into trouble."
  • Don't wear hair up. If you're going to sleep with your hair in a tight hairstyle, you could be unknowingly pulling at your hair follicles. A loose bun or braids will help create a wave, but a tight bun or pony will feel uncomfortable, create friction and may even pull hair out.

Explore Turban options.

Twisting and turning on a cotton pillowcase all night can create aggressive friction. A Silk Microfiber towel Wrap Turban is gentle on your strands and prevents pressure and pulling. It can also help preserve volume, length and style while you sleep. Our Hair Towel Wrap Turban is ultra soft microfiber hair drying towels, anti-frizz & super absorbent hair turban, suitable for all hair types.

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