10 Beauty & Wellness Resolutions to Make This New Year

New year, new you! Well, maybe not totally new, but the new year is a fresh start — a chance to recommit to your best self, which includes making new beauty and wellness goals.

To help you get started, SURTURBAN put together a list of the top beauty and wellness resolutions to make in the new year better!

1. Shop Cruelty-Free Products

This is a big one here. Not only are certified cruelty-free products awesome for ethical reasons, but they’re also generally better for you. When you avoid products tested on animals, you’re opting out of many of the harsh chemicals that can damage your hair and skin. And using these products means you’re less likely to suffer from inflammation, allergies or breakouts. Plus, you’ll save your skin and hair a lot of stress.

2. Exfoliate Everywhere 

Using a chemical or physical exfoliant on your face helps get rid of dry, flaky dead skin cells, smoothing out skin texture. Exfoliating your body makes shaving smoother (if that’s something you’re into) and helps prevent body acne or inflamed pores from developing by keeping sweat, dirt and bacteria from getting close to your skin.

3. Find a Wash Day That Works

Once you’ve got those roots exfoliated, you’ll need to make sure your wash day product is doing your hair follicles justice.

Resolve to clean up your wash day by investing in a shampoo and conditioner that are free from harsh sulfates, silicones, parabens, gluten and artificial fragrance — and packed with bioactive ingredients that support the appearance of longer, thicker and fuller hair. 

4. Reduce Your Stress

Breathe in. Hold it. Breathe out. Relax your shoulders. Didn’t that feel good? 

Not only is taking small steps every day to reduce your stress good for mental health, but it’s also the key to holistic, whole-body beauty. When your body is stressed for a long period of time, it can lead to increased hair fall and acne, as well as many hidden consequences like lost sleep and headaches. So try that five-minute meditation, or take yourself out on a nice walk. 

5. Clean Up Your Diet

There’s a place and time for junk food, but if that place is your car, and that time is every day of the week, you’re probably not feeling your greatest. 

Making sure you’re eating a clean, well-balanced diet of plant-based foods is one of the easiest ways to access a healthier and more beautiful you. Try to incorporate whole fruits and vegetables into every meal you have throughout the day. Aiming to “eat the rainbow” is the best way to make sure your body is getting the nutritional support it needs to thrive. 

6. Supplement Your Diet

While eating a well-balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables is the key to holistic beauty, if there are specific areas you’d like to address, a supplement is your perfect secret weapon.

For example, if hair growth and beauty is your goal, a biotin supplement packed with Vitamins A, C and E is a great way to support your body on its hair wellness journey.

7. Support Your Gut Health

Although you might not be able to see it, your microbiome is your best friend when it comes to supporting health and wellness. This invisible community of organisms has been connected to things like weight management, hair growth and how likely you are to experience various dermatological diseases.

8. Get Enough Sleep

If you’re reading this at 3 a.m., put down your phone and go to bed! Making sure you get enough sleep, which experts say is between seven and nine hours, is the key to long-term health and wellness.

Plus, your body makes new collagen while you sleep, which prevents skin from sagging, creating the appearance of wrinkles. So snuggle up and get some shut-eye!

 9. Stock Up on Serums 

Serums are the latest buzzwords on the beauty scene. From moisturizing skin to promoting hair growth, it seems like there’s a serum out there for every beauty need

10. Make Time for Gratitude 

Last but not least, one of the most important things you can do for your beauty this year is to make time for gratitude. We know it sounds basic, but having an attitude of gratitude has been shown to improve sleep quality, increase feelings of happiness and reduce stress and burnout. 

Take time every day to jot down a quick list of things you’re grateful for, or simply meditate on the things in your life that bring you joy. You’ll soon be well on your way to a happier and more beautiful new year!


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