What an experience! Check your the DMFW Surturban fashion show! 


Are there any other modest fashion designers that you like?

I love female-owned fashion! You might have heard of Ibtihaj Muhammad. She is the first Muslim-American woman to have competed in a hijab for Team USA at the 2016 Olympics, and Louella is her brand. This brand has a variety of modest wear and has something for everyone!

Are there any other modest fashion designers that you are inspired from?

Modest fashion has come a long way and I have been inspired by several designers.

Diana Kotb is a luxury designer that makes eccentric garments for modest women. From hijabs to hats, and sharp suits, to formal evening gowns, the designs are fairy-tale-like with plenty of personality and a edgy attitude.

Dolce & Gabbana got in on Modest Dress when it debuted its hijab and abaya ready-to-wear collection in 2016, which inspired me and help put modest dress on the map. It got me to really think about launching Surturban.

What do you think about the future of modest fashion? Do you think it will become more popular day by day?

Growing up, I knew what it was like not having representation. When I say representation, I just mean people who resemble me or someone I could relate to, or someone who even dresses like me. Not having somebody that you can look up to, it did affect me in a way.

There's a lack of communication and people don't really understand about Modest culture. Modest Fashion being out in the public and displaying religion, faith, which is different to what the stereotype is — I think that has opened a lot of people's eyes.

I believe Modest Fashion representation is one of the most important aspects in progressing towards a more liberal-thinking, diverse and understanding society.

Modest Fashion isn’t just a trend; it’s here to stay, and I love representing a brand that is designed for it!

How would you describe Modest Fashion?

There's not a single definition to describe Modest Fashion because everyone has their own interpretation of what modesty fashion means to them. Shortly, modest fashion is the act of covering up on purpose. The decision to do so can be religious or ethnic fulfillment. To me, it's a choice that I've made to commit to my faith, and everything about it gives me a sense of freedom & empowerment in how I choose to display myself.

According to you, what are the most important facets of the Modest fashion industry?

One of the most important facets of the Modest fashion industry is that it is not centered around a specific type of woman that fits the media's look. There's no cookie-cutter image for how a modest woman looks. Modest dressers are not attached to one religion, size, or race.

Is there anything specific that you do in order to keep yourself updated about the trends of Modest Fashion in the market?

Gathering information to nourish my mind and to inspire my next collection is easily be done by viewing myriad selections of vintage styles on the internet or even browsing through the latest editions of travel and fashion magazines. However, there is nothing more satisfying is going to museums and looking at art to provide the best sources of inspiration for me!

How do you cope with a competitive market?

As a small-business owner, it's hard for me to wrap your head around the idea of a billion-dollar fashion industry. But since competition in the fashion industry often results in a contest of survival of the fittest, I  set out to build a brand that has substance, not dependent solely on trends. I also try to be a brand that is sustainable and well-priced, with unique designs appealing to all consumers.

What makes you unique?

What makes Surturban unique is that it is fueled with passion and speaks to a niche market in the with its own voice and creative edge. We listen to our customers create a world where everyone feels comfortable and confident.

Would you have done things differently if you had the chance, or are you satisfied with the way things are?

I want to constantly grow and evolve as a design and brand year after year. Surturbans started by my need for practicality and convenience headcover as a working mom when I deconstruct my veil designing my turbans. I want to continue to build on this. I hope every collection will to be creative and more unique then the next. I want to continue to use sustainable material and work to ensure that all women can afford them. I know there is a long road ahead and I am excited to see what is ahead.

Any words of advice for beginner fashion designers wanting to enter the modest fashion market?

On the surface, a career in fashion design seems to be an easy endeavor. However, these preconceived notions may be deceiving. To become a successful fashion designer, you’ll need more than a passion or a keen eye. You’ll also need drive and determination. Here are a few tips:

  1. Education: The best way to build a strong foundation within the industry is to earn an education from a design program.
  2. Focus on one area: Because it’s nearly impossible to master every garment, it’ll likely yield better results to focus on one area of design. For instance, becoming a design expert in women’s shoes could serve as your entry point into the industry.
  3. Be patient: If becoming a fashion designer is your lifelong dream, give it time to come to fruition. It has taken me 20 years to finally get my shit together. Every good fashion designer needs time to hone their skills and build a reputation as a designer.




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