My name is Sura Khudairi, an Iraqi-born American-based designer and founder of SURTURBAN. Wearing a head covering and dressing modestly makes me feel liberated.

Inspired by my own cosmopolitan culture and spirituality, I set out to build a brand that has substance, not dependent on trends.

When I was on the search for a unique headcover and was unable to find exactly what I was looking for, I decided to make my own. My need for practicality and convenience as a working mom helped me deconstruct my veil designing my turbans. SURTURBAN is for all women; It is a fashion accessory which celebrates femininity and unites all beyond borders.

SURTURBANS are long-lasting, timeless pieces of impeccable quality and produced in the most sustainable way possible; effortless, elegant and ethical. 

Our mission is to create a world where everyone feels comfortable and confident. Our core values are quality, timeless design, and longevity. SURTURBAN looks to represent the most refined qualities of culture around the world and to be synonymous with both elegance and creativity. We strive to blend tradition, innovation sustainablity, and style. 

We are 100% dedicated to ensuring you are happy with your turbans and will work to make sure that you are. We truly appreciate and thank you for choosing us. At SURTURBAN we take extra measures to ensure that you will always receive the best quality products and customer service. 



Our mission is to create a world where everyone feels comfortable and confident. 



Our core values are quality, timeless design, and longevity. we strive to achieve the highest standards of production and ensure beautiful, timeless garments for our customer. We value doing more with less.


❤️ Sura