The Triangle is the new Instagram pose

A new Instagram trend has taken off — this time featuring the “triangle” - a new way to show off your figures.

Perfecting the stance is simple; by raising your arm to your head you create a Triangle shape between the crook of your arm and your head.

These triangle poses are designed to help you create flattering photos for your profile at home and in public. These posing ideas will also help you to feel comfortable and confident when posting pictures online.

In doing so you elongate your body and gives you the opportunity to showcase your figure in full view. This is a little guide on how to create triangles (and other neat complementary shapes) by posing your body in the most flattering way…or at least the most original.

Creating triangles in your poses is simple. You’ll notice when people stand with their feet straight and are trying to look interesting that they tend to lean back in unnatural ways. Having your body parts create triangles is your best bet to make sure that it looks natural.

This simple but powerful technique will help you keep your photos simple and elegant.

1. Sun-kissed pose

The Sun-kissed pose is great for creating a triangle in your pose. The hand by their cheek creates a line that leads to the tip of the shoe, which connects with your elbow. The viewer’s eyes will travel through this triangle and back to her face.

The sun-kissed pose is all about triangles. There are a few ways to create triangles in this pose, which I’ve demonstrated below. Let’s have a look!

Credits @revolve

2. Look back pose

The look back pose is a pose that can be used almost anywhere. It’s always a lot of fun to do, especially with your friends. In this pose, the girl looks back at her photographer. By tilting your chin slightly downwards and up towards your shoulder, you’ll get a really nice girly pose.

Look back poses in burlesque are all about creating that sexy triangle shape. I love looking back poses, especially as you can see more of the model, and they create this great triangle shape when she faces forward again.

ook back pose is one of the best photography poses. It is quite difficult to master though. But once you get the pose right, there are many variations that you can shoot. Great way to create depth in your portrait photography.

Credits @revolve

3. Holding pants pose

Holding pants pose doesn’t sound all that inspiring, but it can result in powerful images. In fact, many of my favorite IG pictures were shot with this pose.

The third pose in our triangle series is the holding pants pose. This pose, like the other two poses, gets your body into a triangular shape.

This shirtless pose idea is fantastic for creating natural triangles within your shots. Not only does this look more pleasing to the eye, but it’s also more complimentary to the muscular physique. By positioning the legs and arms in a certain way, you can ensure that you’re creating triangle shapes with your body.

Credits @revolve

4. Crossing legs pose

As we said above, triangles are symbols of stability and efficiency. Even something as small as an eye can evoke feelings. If you’re lucky, it will evoke feelings towards the look you want to achieve! When it’s all taken care of, the rest becomes much easier. Experiment with this triangle pose.

The crossing legs pose could be a versatile pose if you tend to post a lot of pictures on Instagram. Plus, this pose helps accentuate the angles of the hips in your body. It also makes your waist appear slim especially if you lean back a bit.

Triangles are a great compositional tool to create interest in your photos, and they work for all bodies. In the pose above, you can see how the model uses her crossed legs to make a triangle, with her face and chest forming the third point of the triangle.

Credits @revolve

5. Walking pose

Walking poses are a great pose variation for those that want to make their photos more interesting by adding a pose to them. By walking your legs can move around more and create a triangle above your body. This creates some nice movement in the photo.

To me, the walking pose is just a variation of the side angle pose. However, I wasn’t entirely sure how to create triangles in this pose so it was perfect!

The walking pose is pretty easy to do and you can be sure that it will have a great effect on your picture. These two arms form a forward triangle. Your subject can make two variations of the pose — arms crossed in front or extended hands with each finger touching the other hand. Your subject’s arms are a great way to accentuate the waist or hip area without being obvious.

Credits @revolve

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