How to Identity Your Face Shape

When choosing earrings the shape of your face matters and earring are a great way to play with proportions. In this blog we will go over which earrings go well with the 6 main face shapes: oval face, square face, round face, diamond face, heart face and pear face (or triangle face). If you don't know what you are, we got you covered.

How to identity you face shape

Look at your face strait in the middle. Consider 4 main point; the top center of the forehead where the hair starts; the tip if your chin, the corer of your forehead; where your cheekbones end (above level of your eyes); where your jaw makes a corner on each side - it is about the level of the mouth.  There are the main 8 points, and they build 4 main lines. Let’s call them the vertical center, horizontal center and the forecast and jaw line.


Your face shape is determined by the proportions of these four lines. Simple as that!


There are 6 main face shapes.


Oval shape: considered very harmonious visually because the upper half of the shape is is similar to the bottom. In an oval shape, the vernicle centerline is larger than the horizontal center line.


Square: the forehead line and the jaw line are of similar lengths, and the center vertical line and the center horizontal line are also similar. So, it looks like a square.


Round: similar to square except that from the one corner of the jaw through the chin to the other corner of the jaw is almost like a perfect half circle. Round shape is not as common as you think.


Heart: Hear face has top horizontal line larger than the bottom jaw horizontal line. And generally, a point shape chin.


Diamond/Triangle: Almost like a heart shape to which we cut off (so to say) the corner of the forehead. The result is not that your center line, the cheeck bones, is the largest part of your face.


Long/Narrow: That is when you take an oval and stretch it vertically to make the center vertical line appear even longer.

Next week, we will focus the choosing the length, shape (studs, pendants, clips, ear cuffs, etc.)  and where to position the volume to bring balance visually. 

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