Self Care at Home with Indoor Plants...Let's plantercise!

As most of us are working from home—or spending all of your time at home—it can be difficult to find creative ways to exercise and get our bodies moving.  Less activity actually increases fatigue, so before we know it, we are stuck in a vicious cycle that is tougher to break as we let more sedentary days pass.    The good news is, your plants can help keep you moving!   Think of our motto -- Don’t go up a size, PLANTERCISE!

Here are some easy ways to sneak in some exercise -- Planterina style!

1.Use a Small Watering Can

A large watering can might be the most effective way to water all of your plants, but a small watering can is the most effective way to get you moving more often. A small watering can requires more frequent fill-ups, which, in turn, require more trips from your sink to your plants. Invest in a small watering can, and before you know it, your fitness app will be congratulating instead of yelling at you. 

2.Increase Your Mileage

Grouping some plants together can elevate your houseplant styling, but if you want to turn your  home into a gym and track, place plants in remote locations away from one another. Kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways are often overlooked areas that can provide a great environment for different types of houseplants, so if you keep these spaces in mind, spreading out your plant collection is easy.  Do this, and you’ll find that by the time you’re done watering, your heart will be racing!

3. Make Daily Rounds

Take the time each day to get up and visit your plants! Routinely checking on your plants will allow you to prevent small plant problems from becoming big plant problems (such as mealybugs or spider mites), and the extra walking and bending will increase your heart rate and work your muscles.  

Also, sneak in some extra steps in by visiting greenhouses and local plant shops. Not only will this get you moving, but it will provide you with the opportunity to meet other plant enthusiasts -- something that is great for your body AND mind! 

4.Plant Lifting!

A great way to tell if your houseplant needs water is to lift the pot. If the potted plant feels light, it means the soil is dry, and it’s time to water. If the potted plant feels heavy, then there is water in the soil, so watering can wait.

Why not lift your plants to see if they are thirsty, and while you’re at it, try curling with a couple of your smaller plants 15 to 20 times and give your arms a little workout?  Our small (4” diameter) Sansevieria or ZZ Plants are perfect for this mini workout.

For your larger plants, like Monstera deliciosa, Chinese Evergreen or Dumb Cane, try repeated lifts and add in some leg squats.  Remember -- lifting heavier items with your legs will protect your back while building your leg muscles.  

Updating your plant styling is also great for your houseplants and your health. As the seasons change, the amount of light entering different areas of your home will change. For example, windows flooded with indirect sunlight in the summer may not receive much sunlight in the winter.

Humidity levels also fluctuate. So, relocating your houseplants throughout your home will ensure your indoor plants remain in their ideal conditions while helping keep you in shape as you move them around.  

 5.Do Your Exercise Routines or Workouts Surrounded By Your Plants!

Plants bring a sense of calm and help your body and mind to feel more connected with the natural world, feelings that can help you power through your workout and even help you enjoy your exercise routine more. As an added benefit, many houseplants purify the air.  Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that research has shown that plants can improve your concentration and productivity.  When you do find the time to exercise, choose a place that surrounds you with your plants’ lush foliage.  You’ll likely see yourself smiling and breathing more deeply as you meditate or go for that extra set or repetition.

Green Up Your Space and Get Healthy

So, since you are already using houseplants to make your home feel comfortable and look amazing, let your indoor plants also give your health a boost! Caring for your plants with our Plantercise tips in mind will help enhance your physical and mental health by exposing you to a calming and purifying environment while getting you out of your chair!  Of course, don’t give up that gym membership -- but remember that if you keep the importance of your well-being in mind throughout your day, even your houseplants can help you stay happy and healthy!  

You take care of your houseplants, so let your houseplants take care of you!



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