How to Minimize Hair Loss From Stress

While hair loss is fairly common among all of us, it’s also a common side effect of being stressed. Rather than ending up in a dark internet hole of faux medical diagnoses, take a step back and think about how stressed you’ve been lately. Trust us, we know you don’t need another thing added to your plate, especially if the thought of hair loss stresses you out even more. The good thing is that hair loss from stress is reversible. You just need to take the right steps and use the right products to minimize it. 


The Connection Between Stress and Hair

If you’re wondering just how these two go hand in hand, you have cortisol to blame for that. A study showed that cortisol, the stress hormone, is known to affect the function and regulation of the hair follicle. When we’re stressed, cortisol encourages our hair to exit the anagen (growing) phase and prematurely enter the telogen (resting) phase, which causes the hair to fall out. 

Another interesting factor to point out is that stress as a secondary response to hair loss can have a significant effect. Even if stress isn’t the initial inducer of your hair loss, it can lead to the continuation of hair loss. In other words, it becomes a cycle that can feel difficult to escape. Thankfully, with the right methods, it’s a cycle that can likely be broken. 

Truly Commit to Calmness

First things first: we know it can be difficult, but stressing out about thinning hair might aggravate the situation. Breathe in and out and know you have solutions at your disposal.

There are several stress-coping methods you can try to eventually put a halt to your hair loss. For a week or two, pay attention to your emotions, particularly when you feel anxious or tense. Jotting down your feelings in a journal will help you identify stress triggers lurking around, especially those that are unexpected. For example, your surroundings can be a huge trigger (such as a disorganized room or bathroom that really needs to be cleaned).

One of the biggest stress-fighters that has helped plenty of people is meditation. Breathing exercises, guided meditations, and self-meditations can help your body feel more aligned and relaxed in just a few minutes. Exercise is also another major stress reliever. It releases endorphins, which are known for reducing stress. Find an activity you genuinely enjoy, such as yoga, dancing, or sports, to encourage your body to feel relaxed. 



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