How to Pick the Perfect Pot

Have you ever thought you found the perfect pot for your houseplant, but once you place it inside the container, you quickly discovered it was entirely wrong.

Plants plants are complex and have very intricate shapes and nuanced patterns that make them worthy of being the star of the show, and pairing them with the appropriate planters demands some thought and planning.

It is often hard to resist your favorite colors and patterns, but the colors and patterns you wear on your body--or paint on your walls--may not necessarily be  et’s look at the basics of choosing the right pots for our houseplants!

 Indoor plant pots

1. Hot Plants

Some plants are vibrant, bright and neon. Others have deep rich tones that steal all the attention. Choosing neutral earth tones, or monochromatic colors, like white, black, or grey will help keep the focus on your plants. These colors also fit into most home décor you will avoid clashing with that cherished velvet emerald couch!  If your tastes lean towards bold color, try to introduce colors that highlight your plants rather than compete with them.

  Houseplant pots

2. Playful Patterns

Houseplants with deep rich, solid green leaves often look stunning in containers with a wild side. Your brain can only process so many wavy lines at a time, so when you feel the urge to decorate your plants with a groovy new pot, make sure you pair it with a houseplant that will let the pot do the talking!

 Grey Terra Cotta Pots

3. Optical Illusions

Some plants are slow growers and it is often a common mistake to plant smaller houseplants in larger pots.  Find a plant pot that is appropriate to the size of the plant.  This will make your smaller plants appear to be large and full!

 Clay Pots for Indoor Plants 

4. Hang in There

If you like tall, elongated planters, use vining plants to help soften hard angles.  The foliage will spill over the edges, creating a soft wave--as opposed to tall plants in tall planters that tend to project a stark, abrupt focal point.


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