20 Poses for Instagram Models

The majority of the most popular Instagram photos have a person as the subject. Their secret to success is a combination of the photographer’s skill, a pleasing background, the right lens, and an overall visually appealing composition.  

A large part of the composition of a photo with a person as the subject is how the model is posed. For some, posing is their absolute nightmare. And, who can blame them? It’s hard to look natural on camera in a posed position. But, it doesn’t need to feel so unfamiliar. If you get a couple of go to poses under your belt, suddenly it becomes second nature. Whether you’re the photographer or model, it’s always a good idea to have some poses planned out ahead of time. With these 20 poses for Instagram models, you can show up to your next shoot confident and well-prepared. 


1. The Walking Pose

This one pretty much speaks for itself. Adding movement can make a posed photo look much more candid. So simply walk by with confidence. 


2. Too Busy To Notice You Pose

Models are often hyperfocused on their faces when they’re posing which can result in forced facial expressions. You can eliminate this by having them scroll through Instagram or check emails on their phone – or just simply look away and think a little bit.

3. The Classic

Sometimes all you need is a smile. You’re unique, don’t forget that – your smile is different than every other smile out there.


4. Rain, Rain, Go Away

Worried about where to put your hands? Grab an umbrella, problem solved!


5. The Vacation Pose

Work with your new surroundings while you’re on vacation. Whatever elements you see around you, incorporate them in your photo.

6. The Catwalk Pose

Rather all your model gusto and strike a pose, hands on hips with a confident and bold stare, just like if you were strutting down the runway.


7. The Not My Car Pose

Leaning up against a car is a great way to lengthen legs, and it adds a unique prop to the photo.


8. Just a Quick Sip Pose

This is another example of a how a familiar movement can make a photo so much better. Simply grab a sip of coffee, tea, whatever beverage you want and you’ll easily achieve a natural pose.

9. Don’t Look At Me


Cover your face with your hands or hair, anything really. This way the entire focus of the photo is on your outfit instead of your face. 


10. Long Hair Don’t Care 

With the sun in your face turn your head so that your hair cascades over your face. This effect can also be achieved by adjusting your hair so that it covers your face. 


11. And It Has Pockets Pose

This is perfect for street style photos, just place your hands in your pockets. It keeps your limbs from looking awkward, but obviously only works if you do, indeed, have pockets. 


12. And the Base is Jumpin’

This is probably best left to the more experience Instagram models because it’s hard to control your face while you’re in the air. But jumping for joy is always a great pose. 


13. Where to Next?

For this one, you’re going to need to sell it – you’re a tourist trying to figure out where the next spot to hit is.


14. Is Anyone Sitting Here? 

Sit wherever, with one leg up and a hand on your chin. Think, the famous statue “The Thin


15. The Look at My Bag Pose

You spent a lot of money on that bag for a reason. Show it off in the best ways possible. Take this inspiration from A$AP Rocky wearing an oversized Loewe backpack.

16. Over the Shoulder

Define your jawline and give the camera a tantalizing glimpse at your face with the frequently used but never overdone over the shoulder pose. 


17. The Hair Tuck

Windy weather aside, the hair tuck is an Instagram model’s go to. And, it’s as easy as it sounds. Just tuck your hair behind your ear, in front of your eye, or pulled back. Smile optional. 


18. The Hand on the Chin Pose

Another classic, this pose is as straightforward as it gets. Just angle your chin up and rest your head on your hand. Boom, you’re an Instagram model. 


19. Criss Cross Applesauce 

Cross your arms across your chest and put one foot forward. This pose gives you a simultaneously shy and confident look all at once. 


20. Look Where I am

This is less about the pose and more about the place. Position yourself in front of a well-known landmark or monument. The focus will be directed at the structure instead of your body. 


These poses are not all it takes to be an Instagram model or the only thing needed to make a great photograph, but they are an extremely important ingredient. If posing feels unnatural to you, try one of the options that involve movement.  You’ll be less focused on how you look and more so on the movement itself. Once you have these poses down pat, experiment. There is no wrong way to pose for a picture. 


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